Officer Villarreal is called to a domestic disturbance complaint in which a woman claims there’s a man refusing to get out of her car. On scene, they find the man in the passenger side of the caller’s vehicle, but the caller is nowhere to be seen. He says the two are married and that she just walked off down the street, taking the keys with her. He says he would walk home, but he’s paralyzed over half his body. The officers locate her a block away and wrangle her back to the car. It turns out the argument started over their mutual crack habit but got heated because of their roommate, who also uses it. After talking to everyone, they all decide to turn their lives around and quit crack immediately.

Officer Villarreal of the Flint Police Department responds to a fight in progress. He is joined by other officers at the scene, where they find an irate group of women in the middle of the road. The women are told to sit on the curb so the officers can conduct witness interviews and attempt to determine the cause of the altercation. After interviewing one clearly shaken witness, the officers positively identify one of the women as having tried to run over several men with an SUV. Baseball bats were reportedly involved in the assault, but only one woman is fingered as the aggressor. She is arrested and charged with felonious assault. Officer Mitchell and Clubb respond to a criminal damage call where a male threw bricks onto his neighbors vehicle, breaking the windshield. The suspect

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Read More » Sgt. Aaron Aldridge and Officer Nick Lively receive information that a man walking down the road had just purchased illegal narcotics. The man is spotted J

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Read More » A vehicle flees after Cpl. Bart Ryder of the Lafayette Police CSU (Crime Suppression Unit) attempts a traffic stop in front of a known narcotics house.

Read More » Welsh & Wanger attempt to catch up to a bicyclist who commits a traffic violation. The suspect pedals onto a bike path and the

Read More » Officer John Mejia of the Palm Springs police Department is dispatched to a check the welfare call. When he arrives at the residence of

Read More » Officer Torres of the Palm Springs Police Department conducts a pedestrian check on a man who is walking in a known drug area. The

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