Officer John Mejia of the Palm Springs police Department is dispatched to a check the welfare call. When he arrives at the residence of a man who is in the hospital, he finds the mans caregiver in her vehicle parked in the carport of the home afraid enter the residence. The woman states that before her client went to the hospital he gave a friend of a friend a key to his house so it could be locked up and secured. The caregiver says the unwanted helper has moved in and is making a mess out of her client’s home. The unwanted guest says he is allowed to be there and just wants the caregiver to leave him alone. Officers contact the home owner via speaker phone at which time the owner tells the unwanted guest to leave his property. The guest leaves, but is not happy.

NameJohn Mejia
RankSenior Police Officer
AgencyPalm Springs Police Department
Station/Area CommandCity of Palm Springs
FromFontana, CA
Why Law EnforcementMy father was a police officer for over 20 years. He was my mentor and hero. I served as a Sgt. In the United States Marine Corps and deployed to the middle east. After returning from Iraq in 2003, I was fortune enough to return to a law enforcement career at PSPD. I was hired while still deployed to Iraq.
First ArrestMy first arrest was for public intoxication in downtown palm springs. I arrived on scene and saw a male staggering down the sidewalk unable to keep his balance. He was so intoxicated, he was unable to communicate. After a brief scuffle, I was able to place him in handcuffs.
Best part of the jobThe freedom to choose your own path and never have the same situation happen again with constant change.
HobbiesI am a muscle car fan and own a 1968 dodge charger. I’m also a marvel comic fan.
Favorite Quote

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