Deputy Swint stops a vehicle with multiple equipment violations. After questioning the driver Deputy Swint pulls the driver out and finds a pill bottle of his “girlfriends medication”.  Another unit arrives and takes hold of the suspect, Deputy Swint finds the the pill bottle actually contains 6-8 rocks of cocaine. When deputies try to place the suspect in custody he begins to resist. The suspect is tased but continues to struggle with deputies on the ground. After they get him in custody he says that he’s been smoking crack for five years and smokes “one rock a day.”

Deputy Mike Swint of the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, while patrolling an area known for high volume of drug activity try’s to stop suspect for questioning. The suspect runs and Deputy Swint pursues. Deputy Swint and Deputy Jerry Martinez chase suspect. Once apprehended the suspect is found to have warrants. Crack cocaine is also found at the scene.
NameMike Swint
AgencyRichmond County Sheriff’s office
Station/Area CommandCrime Suppression Team
FromAugusta Georgia
Why Law EnforcementIt was something I always wanted to do since I was a kid. I held odd jobs out of high school but as soon as I turn 21 I filled out an application for the department and I have been doing it ever since.
First ArrestCan’t remember my first arrest but the first one that stands out was when I was still a rookie. Stopped a suspicious male which he was calm and cooperative. As soon as I went to run him for warrants he tried to flee and I grabbed him. A struggle ensued. I was unable to call for assistance because I was on the records channel. We fought for several minutes before finally getting him into custody. That’s when I knew this job was “real”.
Best part of the jobGetting guns and dope off the street and seizing dirty money.
HobbiesWorkout. 5 days a week sometimes twice a day. I like to be Ahead of the suspects.
Favorite QuoteIt’s a bible verse I have tattooed on my arm that sums up what we do.
John 15:13 ” greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for a friend”

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