Officer Ronnie Jones arrives on a dispatched call of two men fighting. The shirtless victim has sustained head injuries from a man who hit him with a chain. Officer Jones finds the suspect who says that he only was defending himself from the victim. The suspect is charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

Officer Ronnie Jones of the Palm Springs Police Department, checks out with a stranded motorist on a main road in the city. In the process of helping the two motorist he runs the driver and discovers he has a couple of warrants. During a pat down on the passenger some meth is found in his pocket. The driver is only wearing one shoe. He says he has a military tattoo but wasn’t accepted in the service due to his drinking problem. Both men are arrested and taken to jail.

NameRonnie Jones
AgencyPalm Springs Police Department
Station/Area CommandPalm Springs
FromIndio CA
Why Law EnforcementWhen I was 19 I got in trouble for the first time and spent a few hours in jail. After being in a police car, I couldn’t wait to be back in one, except in the driver’s seat.
First ArrestI did a bicycle stop on a guy who did not have lights on his bike at night. He ended up being on parole and was in possession of drugs for sales. A month later the same guy led me on my first vehicle pursuit. He ran because he had warrants for the first time I arrested him.
Best part of the jobI get to see and do things that most people can only watch on TV and movies.
HobbiesI love getting rid of stress in the gym.
Favorite Quote“Arrive on vacation, leave on probation.” Officer John Mejia of the Palm Springs police Department is dispatched to a check the welfare call. When he arrives at the residence of

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