Deputy Daniel Portell of the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office is dispatched to a call of a man assaulting a woman on the side of the road. He arrives and finds the suspect, who now has a knife at his throat and is threatening to kill himself. Deputy Portell begins an intense and lengthy negotiation with the man. The suspect finally throws the knife down and is taken into custody without incident. After interviewing both parties Deputy Portell learns that the man’s wife had recently filed for divorce. 

NameDaniel Portell
RankDeputy First Class
AgencyBernalillo County Sheriff’s Office
Station/Area CommandSouth Valley Command
FromSt. Petersburg FL
Why Law EnforcementI became a police explorer in Pinellas Park Florida when I was 14 and had the opportunity to learn about law enforcement, ride along with police officers, and help out my community.  I loved it and decided to do it when I joined the Air Force. After I got out, I joined the local Sheriff’s Department where I was stationed and have been there ever since
First ArrestI don’t remember.
Best part of the jobThe men and women I get to work with.  Working together as a team to come up with a solution to a crisis or problem that people  face every day.
HobbiesI like playing the guitar, spending time at the gym, swimming, and online gaming.
Favorite Quote“When the force of many must act as one there are no individuals”- unknown Officers Nguyen and Liebe respond to a call in which an anonymous caller states that she can her a female child being abused the the

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