Officer Mitchell and Clubb respond to a criminal damage call where a male threw bricks onto his neighbors vehicle, breaking the windshield. The suspect is inside his home and refuses to come out. During the standoff, the suspect is seen inside, naked, showering and then getting dressed. The suspect comes to a window and opens it, Officers try to grab him, however he slips away and the decision is made to tase him. The suspect goes to jail for criminal damage, needles and other paraphernalia that is discovered in the home.

Officers Mitchell and Clubb of the Glendale Police Department stop a vehicle involved in shoplifting from Walmart. The driver claims they’re coming from Circle K, his story and the passengers change multiple times. The driver and front passenger are arrested for the shoplifting and the two rear females are arrested on outstanding warrants.

NameJ. Clubb
RankPolice Officer
AgencyGlendale Police Department
Station/Area CommandGateway Patrol
FromGlendale, AZ
Why Law EnforcementI have inexplicably wanted to be involved in law enforcement since as long as I can remember. Even playing “cops and robbers” as a child I always wanted to be the cop. I finally got more serious about it towards the end of high school and attended college in Arizona to get a degree in criminology. During my time in college, many of my instructors were officers and between what I learned from them and the criminology topics, I knew this was what I wanted to do. After college I began applying with various agencies in Arizona, but always hoped to be hired by Glendale since I grew up in this city and was lucky enough to get that opportunity.
First ArrestI actually remember my first arrest, as it came just a few days into when I was in field training. I was on a domestic violence call with my field training officer and this guy had been banging on an apartment door trying to see his girlfriend. She called because he had previous assaulted her in the day and she had even recently changed where she lived to try and get away from him. When I first interviewed him, he initially made up some story about thinking some other guy was in there causing her harm and that he was just there to help her. After seeing an injury to her face and questioning him about it, he actually admitted to punching her in the face while they were driving in a car together. as I asked him why he would do that to his girlfriend he said “she just wouldn’t shut her mouth, so I just punched her in the face to shut her up”.I was absolutely stunned by that statement from him and couldn’t believe it just occurred like that. needless to say, he went to jail.
Best part of the jobThe best part about my job is that it never feels like work to me. It’s definitely not always easy and plenty of things can be frustrating, but I enjoy it overall so much that I kind of forget that it’s “work”.It’s something different every single day and you never know what you’re going to face. To me it’s just living life and trying to help someone each day as well as holding people accountable for their conduct and keeping dangerous people away from good citizens in society.
Favorite Quote“These aren’t my pants”.As I entered into law enforcement, I always heard that as the classic phrase and officers always talk about it like it happens often. It’s difficult to believe until you actually start experiencing it and see how common it is. I laughed out loud the first time a suspect said that phrase to me and it’s crazy how often they’ll say they put on another person’s pair of pants and never noticed what was in the pockets… even when their own stuff is in that same pocket.This general concept even applies to all sorts of similar things like finding drugs in someone’s purse and it’s always in a “friends” container that they inexplicably happened to put in their purse with the rest of their stuff that day. Officers Hachler and High spot a motorcycle with no plates. They initiate a traffic stop, and a pursuit ensues. Updates on the motorcycles whereabouts are received

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