Deputy Heater Trumble of the Nye County Sheriffs Office is dispatched on a area check to find a man who had a verbal altercation with his wife and then tried to hang himself with a belt. While Deputy Trumble is circulating the area, his wife calls 911 and says she is in contact with her husband who says he went to his friends house to get a weapon. The call is updated when deputies ping the man’s cell phone and receive an exact location. After several unsuccessful attempts to contact owner of the house where he is tracked to, deputies enter the residence through the open garage door.  Deputies find the man hiding in the closet of his female cousins house. The cousin says she was told not to answer the door and was concerned for her toddler. The man is taken into custody and charged with  burglary  and false imprisonment. Shea Yates tries to pull over a Jeep with broken tail lights, but when he activates his emergency lights, the Jeep takes off. Deputy

Read More » Deputy Daniel Portell of the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office is dispatched to a call of a man assaulting a woman on the side of the road. He arrives and finds the

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Deputy Aaron Williamson and Lieutenant James McRae of the Nye County Sheriff’s Department respond to a trespassing call. The caller reports that he was pulling

Read More » Officer Dan Disney is dispatched to a call where two males are trying to flee the scene of a botched burglary. The two men are

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Deputies at the Nye County Sheriff’s Office set up a Facebook child predator sting operation. Sergeant Michael Eisenloffel starts by creating a profile online to

Read More » Officer Rebholz responds to a family fight where the suspect is intoxicated and has made statements that he wants to attempt suicide by cop.

Read More » Officer John Mejia of the Palm Springs police Department is dispatched to a check the welfare call. When he arrives at the residence of

Read More » Deputy Brian Templeton of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department responds to a call of domestic violence at apartment. A man has barricaded himself inside

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