Officers Welsh & Wanger attempt to catch up to a bicyclist who commits a traffic violation. The suspect pedals onto a bike path and the officers follow. Suspect attempts to evade by going through dry brush. Officers leap out of car and run after suspect who has trouble pedaling through grass. Suspect is tackled and taken to the ground. After putting the suspect in cuffs, officers roll him up to discover small bag of meth beneath him. He denies meth saying he was scared that he had marijuana which he tossed. Officers didn’t see him toss anything. They search but find nothing. Suspect is arrested for warrants and possession. 
NameJustin Wanger
RankPolice Officer
AgencySacramento Police Department
Station/Area CommandNorth Command
FromSan Francisco Bay Area
Why Law EnforcementI have always respected Law Enforcement officers and the job that they do. At a early age I knew that I wanted to be a part of this respected profession
First ArrestMy first arrest was a woman who stabbed her husband’s girlfriend with a knife. The woman found out about her husband’s girlfriend and confronted her and stabbed her multiple times in the side and back. The woman survived and the wife was booked on felony assault charges.
Best part of the jobTaking criminals to jail. There is nothing better than helping the community that I work in by taking the criminal element out of it.
HobbiesPlaying golf and running
Favorite Quote“You play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.” Officers Hachler and High spot a motorcycle with no plates. They initiate a traffic stop, and a pursuit ensues. Updates on the motorcycles whereabouts are received

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