Officers Nguyen and Liebe respond to a call in which an anonymous caller states that she can her a female child being abused the the apartment above her’s .  When officers arrive at the apartment door they can hear a female child screaming.  They soon make contact with a mother and her 8 year old daughter.  The mother states that her daughter wont listen to her and is throwing a fit because she cant use the mother’s phone to go on Facebook.  Officers calm down the situation and talk to daughter and give mother information to a family agency that may be able to help.

Officers Nguyen and Liebe are dispatched to a man at a bus stop that has cut himself and is saying he wants to commit suicide.  Officers tell the man to put the knife down and get his hands out of a plastic back. Man does not comply and is quickly shot with a taser.  Because of the self inflicted wounds, medical quickly attends to the bleeding man and takes him to the hospital.

NameAnthony Nguyen
RankPolice Officer
AgencyOmaha Police Department
Station/Area CommandNorthwest
FromBorn in Vietnam. Grew up in Glendale, Ca. And Honolulu, HI.
Why Law EnforcementI was a Police Explorer in Glendale, Ca.  
First ArrestMy first arrest was as a police officer in Honolulu, HI. I just remember that it was a large Polynesian male and how my handcuffs barely fit around his wrists. Went out and bought myself large leg cuffs to use for large wrists for future arrests.
Best part of the jobThe constant unknown that keeps you on your toes.
HobbiesBrazilian Jiu Jitsu and Golfing
Favorite QuoteLuck favors those that are prepared.

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