Officer Jim Cooney responds to a disturbance near a downtown club. A man was kicked out of a cab by the driver for insufficient funds in front of an establishment. The man, apparently looking for meth, then proceeds to get into an altercation with a nearby group of people and gets taken down by an individual in a wheelchair.

Officer Jim Cooney responded to a disturbance call at an apartment complex about a man running around with a knife threatening people and throwing beer cans off the balcony. When he arrives he discovers the man feuding with his neighbors, threatening them and stabbing their door with a knife.

NameJim Cooney
AgencySpringfield, MO Police Department
Station/Area Command 
FromSouth Florida
Why Law EnforcementI always had an interest in Law Enforcement.  While playing baseball in college I majored in Criminal Justice.  I also did an internship with the Florida Wildlife Commission while in college.  After playing some minor league baseball I decided to apply to some police departments.  I was hired with the Boynton Beach Police Dept in Oct ’05, and worked there for 5.5 years before our family relocated and I joined SPD.
First ArrestI was working with the Boynton Beach PD in South Florida.  I’m pretty sure it was my first day on FTO.  I had a very proactive FTO and he knew the area and its citizens very well.  We pulled into a convenience store, and he pointed at a female subject and stated “go arrest her, she’s trespass warned from here”.  I was pretty nervous, but put her in handcuffs quickly and she was compliant.  She may have had some drug paraphernalia on her but I can’t remember.  It was kind of a blur.
Best part of the jobI love the camaraderie between the other officers.  If you are working with a good group of guys/girls, you get a team feeling, which is what I am used to from growing up playing baseball.  I also like interacting with all types of people.  Dealing with the small portion of the population that are bad people all of the time does get you a little jaded, but it is every now and then when you get to help a good person that keeps you going.
HobbiesI love boating, scuba diving, fishing……pretty much anything involving water.  Most of my time is occupied by playing with my kids.  My wife and I also have been doing Crossfit for approx 1 year and have enjoyed it.
Favorite Quotework related: “Evil prevails when good men fail to act” and “We’re gonna get him the help he needs” lol
life: “A time comes when you need to stop waiting for the man you want to become and start being the man you want to be”.

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