Corporal Sy Slover of the Amarillo Police Department responds to a call of an armed robbery. When Corporal Slover arrives he encounters a frantic pizza delivery guy who explains that he was just robbed at gunpoint by a man and woman. He states the suspects fled the scene but are hiding a few houses away. A previous offender appears from around the corner, startling Corporal Slover since he did not know if the man was involved in the robbery or not. He was not involved but points out that there is someone hiding in the nearby shed. Backup arrives and they begin to search the area for the two suspects. The officers beckon the suspect out of the shed and arrest him. They find brass knuckles and a knife in his possession and several burglary tools in a parked car. The pizza delivery guy confirms that the man who was apprehended was part of the robbery, but the woman who pulled the gun on him is still at large. The man is taken to jail for aggravated robbery.

Corporal Sy Slover of the Amarillo Police Department responds to a call of an aggravated robbery at a local convenience store. In the pursuit of the suspects, Amarillo PD receives the license plate number of the vehicle and Corporal Slover traces the number back to the owner’s home address. Corporal Slover drives to the designated area but does not find the vehicle or the suspects. He proceeds to the house where a man and woman open the door. Corporal Slover asks the couple where their car is located. They tell Corporal Slover that their son borrowed their car to go watch a football game. The mom happens to be on a video call with her son. Corporal Slover then questions the son’s whereabouts and tells him that they will be waiting for him at his home. When the son pulls up Amarillo PD stops him before he enters the house. The teenage boy is detained for being a suspect in the robbery. After finding an unfired round in the boy’s pocket, Corporal Slover heads back to the convenience store to see if the bullet matched their evidence. Corporal Slover reviews the camera footage from the convenience store and is able to match the description of the suspect and the evidence collected. They have one suspect in custody and in search of the second suspect.

Story Title 

A Slice of Justice 


Sy Slover




Amarillo Police Department



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How did you get into Law Enforcement?

I was always interested in it. 

What was your arrest?

First arrest was a guy who was fired from his job and came back to fight his boss. They briefly fought. 

What is your favorite part about your job?

It’s always different, no two days are alike. 


I like to be in the mountains and fish. 

What is your favorite quote or saying?

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