Officers Nguyen and Liebe respond to a call in which an anonymous caller states that she can her a female child being abused the the apartment above her’s .  When officers arrive at the apartment door they can hear a female child screaming.  They soon make contact with a mother and her 8 year old daughter.  The mother states that her daughter wont listen to her and is throwing a fit because she cant use the mother’s phone to go on Facebook.  Officers calm down the situation and talk to daughter and give mother information to a family agency that may be able to help.

Officers Nguyen and Liebe are dispatched to a man at a bus stop that has cut himself and is saying he wants to commit suicide.  Officers tell the man to put the knife down and get his hands out of a plastic back. Man does not comply and is quickly shot with a tazer.  Because of the self inflicted wounds, medical quickly attends to the bleeding man and takes him to the hospital.

NameJackie Liebe
AgencyOmaha Police Department
Station/Area CommandNorthwest
FromOmaha, NE
Why Law EnforcementMy sister was hired by OPD about 5 years before I was & she pushed me to apply. I’m so glad she did.
First Arrest 
Best part of the job 
Favorite QuoteChoose the hard right over the easy wrong.

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