Officer Mitchell and Clubb respond to a criminal damage call where a male threw bricks onto his neighbors vehicle, breaking the windshield. The suspect is inside his home and refuses to come out. During the standoff, the suspect is seen inside, naked, showering and then getting dressed. The suspect comes to a window and opens it, Officers try to grab him, however he slips away and the decision is made to tase him. The suspect goes to jail for criminal damage, needles and other paraphernalia that is discovered in the home.

Officers Mitchell and Clubb of the Glendale Police Department stop a vehicle involved in shoplifting from Walmart. The driver claims they’re coming from Circle K, his story and the passengers change multiple times. The driver and front passenger are arrested for the shoplifting and the two rear females are arrested on outstanding warrants.

NameTara Mitchell
RankPolice Officer
AgencyGlendale Police Department
Station/Area CommandGateway Patrol
FromPhoenix, Arizona born and raised
Why Law EnforcementLaw enforcement has always been something I wanted to do. When I was younger I let myself get talked out of going after that dream but it was always still in my heart and something I knew I wanted to do. The opportunity presented itself when I was older and I went for it. I went after my dream and showed my children it is never too late to go after what you want and I am loving every minute of this awesome ride.
First ArrestMy first arrest is rather entertaining. It was my second day of FTO and I had responded to a theft call of a male stealing gas from a gas can that was outside of someone’s house. After getting all the statements it was time to handcuff and take this guy to jail. I go to put the cuffs on and end up dropping them on the ground with many of my other squad mates watching me as I fumbled around. Everything ended up fine but what a way to make a first impression!
Best part of the jobEvery day is different. You never know what the day will bring from arresting the bad guy or girl to receiving a hug from a parent who is so thankful that you found their child.  
HobbiesOutside of work I enjoy spending time with my kids, working out, running, hiking, riding my dirt bike, horseback riding…..pretty much anything outside.
Favorite Quote“I consider myself a crayon, I might not be your favorite color but one day you’ll need me to complete your picture.” Officers Cornelius and Kane of the APEX unit spot a car leaving an area known for drugs.  After a few traffic violations the car

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