Officer Clifton Snodderly of the Boise Police Department responds to a stabbing call between siblings. Upon arrival Officer Snoderly finds officers struggling to take a male into custody. After a long struggle on the ground, Officer Snodderly and several officers are able to get both hands from underneath the man and into handcuffs. It’s later learned that the male suspect sprayed mace at a female officer when they arrived and claims that he was not aware that the people he was resisting were officers. Officer Snodderly points out that they are all in uniform. Officer Snodderly interviews the man’s sister and learns that a fight started because the male suspect provoked his sister’s dog. The dog is overprotective of the sister, however, the brother is aware of that. Instead, the male suspect chose to taunt the dog by attempting to enter his sister’s room after she refused to let him in and the dog ended up biting him in the face and arm. The victim tells Officer Snodderly that her brother returned with a knife and hammer to get back at the dog and she called the police to stop him. In the midst of things, the brother ended up stabbing her in the hand with the knife. The suspect stated he did not intend to stab his sister but is charged with injury to a child, assault on a peace officer, and resisting and obstructing an officer. His sister heads to the hospital to get stitched up.

Story Title

Dog Pile


Clifton Snodderly




Boise Police Department



How did you get into Law Enforcement?

I began serving the community in a medical capacity working on an ambulance. During that time I developed an interest in law enforcement. I began my career as an officer in Fort Worth, TX to continue my public servant career.


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