Officer Aaron Ramsey of the Springfield Police Department receives a call of a disturbance in the park.  The individual was asked to leave earlier for a different disturbance, but has returned.  Upon arrival a large crowd and a band is playing for national night out.  One man shows the Officer Ramsey where & who is causing the disturbance. The officer takes him away from the crowd & music and hears about the stress of going through a breakup with a girlfriend.  Officers ask the man to leave again, and walk free.  Then they offer him a ticket and to walk away, but the man opts to be arrested by refusing to leave and challenging officers.  Officers arrest him, and interview the ex-girlfriend’s to get her side of the story along with her mother.

Officer Aaron Ramsey responds to a call of a naked man on a strangers front porch.  He arrives to discover a man sitting between two pillows.  He does not belong there, and his story is suspicious. He claims a group of men stripped him, but officers determine that to be a lie.  He appears to be under the influence of something so officers call for medical to transport him to the hospital to get checked out.

NameAaron Ramsey
AgencySpringfield P.D. (Missouri)
Station/Area Command 
FromWest Plains, MO
Why Law EnforcementI had two older brothers in law enforcement. When I left active duty I looked at my job options and decided law enforcement had a lot of similarities to my military occupation.
First ArrestI don’t remember much of it other than it was a cold night and the woman had a warrant. We were standing outside and she kept talking about how cold it was, so I told her I would take her someplace warm and brought her to jail on the warrant.
Best part of the jobRecovering stolen articles. Everybody is always so happy to get their stuff back.
HobbiesI rebuild old cars and ride motorcycles.
Favorite Quote“you are under arrest for panhandling” Deputy Alex Cox conducts a felony stop and the male driver and female passenger are taken into custody with out incident. An assortment of

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