Officer Showman responds to assist Officer Baker who is about conduct a traffic stop on a vehicle. As Officer Showman exits the vehicle the suspect takes off, and a vehicle pursuit ensues. Spike strips are successfully deployed, disabling two of the fleeing suspects tires. The suspect finally comes to a stop on the highway and bails out of his car jumping over the median into oncoming traffic. Officer Showman and Baker give chase across the freeway and take the suspect into custody. The suspect is arrested and when asked why he ran, he states ” I didn’t want another ticket.”

NameKirsten Baker
AgencyIndependence Police Department, MO
Station/Area CommandNorth Patrol
Why Law EnforcementWhen I was trying to decide what career I wanted to pursue, I realized that I become bored easy and wouldn’t be able to last long in a job that is monotonous. I became interested in law enforcement after doing some ride alongs, and then majored in criminal justice in college, while completing a security internship. After graduation, I was hired by IPD and then completed the academy. Law enforcement is the job that I can get excited about and enjoy going to work.
First ArrestIt was my first day on field training and I arrested a drunk male for domestic violence. He was compliant, but the house they were living in was very dirty and there were bugs crawling all over the furniture, floors, and walls.
Best part of the jobThe brother/sisterhood associated with the job is amazing. The squad I work with is always proactive in assisting each other and making sure that we are safe and go home after every shift.I also love that every day and every call is different. It keeps the job interesting and keeps me on my toes. I like that guys who have been on the job for years still occasionally run into thinks that they’ve never encountered before.
HobbiesSports have always been a huge part of my life and I still enjoy playing on teams whenever I get a chance. I played basketball in college and help coach a basketball team when I’m not working. I also enjoy mountain biking, hiking, and just about anything outdoors. I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie, and also spend time each week doing crossfit and weightlifting.
Favorite QuoteYou can either throw in the towel, or use it to wipe your sweat off.” Deputy, Justin Maxfield of the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office gets behind a stolen vehicle.  After activating his lights, the vehicle makes a right and continues

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