Officers Welsh & Wanger attempt to catch up to a bicyclist who commits a traffic violation. The suspect pedals onto a bike path and the officers follow. Suspect attempts to evade by going through dry brush. Officers leap out of car and run after suspect who has trouble pedaling through grass. Suspect is tackled and taken to the ground. After putting the suspect in cuffs, officers roll him up to discover small bag of meth beneath him. He denies meth saying he was scared that he had marijuana which he tossed. Officers didn’t see him toss anything. They search but find nothing. Suspect is arrested for warrants and possession. 

NameJason Welsh
RankPolice Officer
AgencySacramento Police Department
Station/Area CommandNorth Command
FromCarmichael, Ca
Why Law EnforcementAfter graduating High School I enlisted in the Air Force and was assigned as a Military Policemen. After completing my enlistment I returned to Sacramento and was hired by the Sacramento Police Department.
First ArrestThe first day my Training Officer allowed me to drive I got into a vehicle pursuit of a DUI driver. The suspect pulled into his garage and tried to close the door. We rushed in and were able to make the arrest.
Best part of the jobThe best part about my job is stopping criminals from affecting the lives of the good people that live in Sacramento. I am strict with re-offenders.
HobbiesI coach youth sports and enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing and hunting.
Favorite QuoteYou play stupid games….you win stupid prizes!!!

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