Officers Pittman and Shneider attempt to stop an older Hispanic male riding his bike in the middle of the road. The bicyclist doesn’t stop, rides to a near by apartment and runs inside. After calling out all the subjects that are inside the apartment, Officer Shneider discovers that the bike rider fled out the back door. After searching the neighborhood the bicyclist is located in the bathtub of a near by apartment.

Officers Jeff Pittman and Matt Schneider, of the Glendale Police Department make contact with a male who was walking down the middle of the street. Officer Schneider notices the suspect stuff something down his pants and asks him what he has. As soon as the question is asked, the suspect makes a run for it. The suspect is tackled into a gravel driveway and taken into custody. A small, black plastic bag is discovered in his pants with a few rocks of crack cocaine. The suspect is taken to the hospital to have the injuries sustained when he tried to flee cleaned up.The suspect is arrested for possession and sales of cocaine.

NameMatt Schneider
AgencyGlendale AZ Police Department
Station/Area CommandGateway NRS
FromNorth Carolina/Arizona
Why Law EnforcementA lot of my family members are in law enforcement and I decided to join the police department because of that.
First ArrestMy first arrest was in 2003 when I was in FTO.  It was a family fight call where I ended up arresting somebody that I grew up with and went to school with.
Best part of the jobTaking bad guys off the street.
HobbiesHang out with my family, wife and 3 children.  Spending time with friends and anything to do with sports
Favorite QuoteYou throw the ball, you catch the ball, you hit the ball, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.  Think about that for awhile. While on patrol Officer Parris runs a plate that comes back stolen out of Georgia. Officer Parris initiates a traffic stop and the driver

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