Officers Elam and Green see a person that they believe has a felony warrant. Upon making contact the suspect immediately gives them a name, however, officers don’t believe he’s giving them his proper identity. After pulling up his photo, they positively identify him as the person with the warrant.  Officer Elam calls him by his real name “Hey Ray” in which he responds to. Officers attempt to take him into custody, however he strongly resists verbally that they have the wrong guy. After an exchange of words, and physical resistance, they wrestle to the ground, and he is placed in cuffs. Officer Elam allows the subjects girlfriend to talk to him and kiss him goodbye. The suspect is transported to jail for his felony warrant and resisting arrest.

NameCharles Elam
RankPolice Officer
AgencyPortland Police Bureau
Station/Area CommandNorth Precinct
FromHamilton, Ohio
Why Law EnforcementIt would give me a chance to help people and offer me the opportunity to do something new and exciting everyday
First ArrestMy first foot pursuit: I was with my partner and we witnessed a hand-to-hand drug transaction in downtown Portland.  My partner got out and followed the buyer and I stayed with the seller. My partner followed the buyer for approximately two blocks before he took off running.  My partner radioed that he was in a foot pursuit,  I looked up, and noticed they were more than two blocks away from me.  I then left the guy I was with and took off running after the guy my partner was chasing.  I took a good angle towards them and closed the gap between us within a few seconds.  I hurdled over a four foot wide road divider and when I landed on the other street I was almost hit by an oncoming vehicle. I placed my hand down on the hood of vehicle (as if I was stiff arming it) and then continued to chase the suspect.  I caught up to my partner a few seconds later and then we both grabbed onto the suspect at the same time.  I held my breath ( so I would not sound out of breath) and radioed that we were in custody.  I then looked behind me and saw approximately 10 people running behind me trying to catch up to us. Once the people caught up to us they started congratulating us for how awesome the foot pursuit was.
Best part of the jobCatching and arresting people that do harm to others.
HobbiesExercising, weight lifting, mountaineering, white water rafting.
Favorite QuoteThe only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. -Edmund Burke Officers Coughennower and Weispfenning are dispatched to an intoxicated subject fleeing from a bar with her child in a stroller. The woman is found

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