Deputy Rodriguez is dispatched to a domestic violence call. He arrives at the scene and searches the apartment, rooftops, and nearby area for the suspect. Deputies believe he is in the area and set up an initial perimeter. Deputies then spot the suspect nearby and give chase. He is surrounded and finally caught by Sergeant Jackson and Lieutenant Taylor. The suspect is taken into custody and charged. Lt. Taylor discusses the downfalls of staying in a dangerous relationship with the victim.

NameSamuel Rodriguez
RankDeputy First Class
AgencyBernalillo County Sheriff Department
Station/Area CommandRelief Swing
FromTucson, Arizona
Why Law EnforcementI finished college and went into the ministry. I taught Bible studies on college campuses and eventually felt like I didn’t have the character for it anymore. I studied Criminal Justice on college but always felt like I could ever be the caliber of cop I was on television. I was encouraged to go for it and it was one of the greatest decisions of my life.
First ArrestIt was horrible, possession of drug paraphernalia which is a petty misdemeanor. I was dispatched to a grocery store for a suspicious person and find him by the front door. He ends up having some meth pipes in his sock but I was so nervous with my training officer watching I dropped one of the pipes and it broke. I was fumbling around with a brand new set of gloves I bought to search him with and ended up putting them in my mouth for a second wile I was fumbling with the pipe. I just remember my training officer GG with one hand on his head shaking it side to side in disappointment. We still joke about it to this day. So embarrassing but everyone has to have a first day on the job story.
Best part of the jobWithout a doubt be able to work with my squad mates day after day. Everybody had personalities some have egos but when a hot call comes out all that goes out the door and everybody comes together to stop what they are doing and make sure that everyone on that squad goes home at the end of the day.
HobbiesI use to say golf but honestly cop work keeps you busy throughout the week. Between going to court and spending time with family your off time is somewhat limited. But there are few things more satisfying than having a few friends over the house and firing up the grill. No agendas, no places to be, just relaxing and having a good time.
Favorite QuoteI had a sergeant who everyday when he would walk into the briefing room he would greet us and say “good afternoon church”. He always had a great attitude and that was a pretty close squad. Greeting us like a congregation, we held the same beliefs as far as law enforcement and were committed to each other like a family. When you are part of the thin blue line you are united through think and thin, like any church or like any family.

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