Officers Elam and Green see a person that they believe has a felony warrant. Upon making contact the suspect immediately gives them a name, however, officers don’t believe he’s giving them his proper identity. After pulling up his photo, they positively identify him as the person with the warrant.  Officer Elam calls him by his real name “Hey Ray” in which he responds to. Officers attempt to take him into custody, however he strongly resists verbally that they have the wrong guy. After an exchange of words, and physical resistance, they wrestle to the ground, and he is placed in cuffs. Officer Elam allows the subjects girlfriend to talk to him and kiss him goodbye. The suspect is transported to jail for his felony warrant and resisting arrest.

Portland Police Officers Winkel & Green try to catch up, and attempt a traffic stop, on a white Mercedes that they recognize as a vehicle involved in a domestic incident from the previous night. The vehicle pulls into a gas station but suddenly drives off at a high rate of speed. The pursuit lasts several minutes before the driver bails from the car and runs across a field. The suspect who is considered armed and dangerous is held at gun point until he is placed in custody.

NameKyle Green
AgencyPortland Police Bureau
Station/Area CommandNorth Precinct
FromPortland, Oregon
Why Law EnforcementPolice Cadets
First ArrestNaked man on porch burning house down.  Standing with samurai sword and shield.  Vietnam Vet with PTSD.  Later wrote a thank you letter to me.
Best part of the jobListening to peoples stories.
HobbiesHunting, fishing, snowboarding, camping, hiking, dirt bike riding, white water rafting.
Favorite QuoteThin Blue Line Officer Skyler Boatright starts to follow a vehicle that has left a known drug house. Officer Boatright notices that the plate tags have expired and starts to initiate

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Deputy Sheriff Samuel Kimmel – Martin County Sheriffs Office Deputy Kimmel attempts to conduct a traffic stop on a vehicle that missed a stop sign.

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