Officer Daniel Segura of the Grand Prairie Police Department attempts to stop a male driver who is not wearing a seatbelt. The driver quickly pulls into the parking lot of a laundromat and runs inside leaving his pickup truck running. Officer Segura gives chase into the business. After losing the suspect momentarily, Officer Segura tackles the driver as he casually attempts to walk out the front door. The suspect’s mother is at the laundromat and begins to yell and scream as she witnesses the scuffle between her son and the officer. Mom eventually tells her son to comply and Officer Segura is able to handcuff the suspect. As the officer searches the suspect, a large amount of cash falls out of his pocket and cocaine is found inside the vehicle. Another officer locates two bags of weed in a trash can inside the laundromat, which surveillance footage later shows the suspect running inside and tossing it in there. The suspect is on probation and will be charged with narcotics possession.

While on patrol Officer Daniel Segura, of the Grand Prairie Police Department, stops a female driver with two passengers after he discovers there is an active warrant on the SUV. As Officer Segura approaches the vehicle, a man and woman bolt out of the vehicle and run towards a nearby restuarant. The woman quickly surrenders meanwhile Officer Segura is caught in a scuffle with the male suspect. While the female suspect is behaving frantically officers find drugs and drug paraphernalia inside her purse. Meanwhile, her boyfriend does not want to disclose his identity however Officer Segura reminds him that he is making the situation worse since they will be able to identify him when he is taken to jail. The suspect finally reveals he is avoiding a hefty prison sentence for larceny. While on patrol Officers Hollingsworth and Bolton observe a vehicle known to have an extensive criminal history blow a stop sign. They attempt to

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While driving on patrol, Detective Bryan Dubois with Lubbock Police Department recognizes a male walking on the sidewalk who he believes has a felony warrant.

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