Deputy Mealing is dispatched to a residence that he is familiar with for having domestic problems. When he arrives on scene the two men that had been arguing had stopped, but the female who made the call is arrested for marijuana possession. She blames her smoking partially on her husband not shutting up. 
NameMatthew Mealing
AgencyRichmond County Sheriff’s Office
Station/Area CommandSouth Precinct Augusta, GA
FromEdgefield, SC
Why Law EnforcementMy father was in law enforcement and I have always wanted to follow in his footsteps.
First ArrestI can’t recall the actual situation but I remember that I was nervous handcuffing the suspect.
Best part of the jobKnowing that I helped someone, car chases, and large drug cases.
HobbiesI love modifying cars and installing stereo systems.
Favorite Quote“If you run, it’s time for fun!”

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