Deputy Adrian Thompson races to backup Deputy Aubrey Raymond who has initiated a pursuit of a stolen car. Raymond was flagged down by the victim who has seen the car driving in the area. As Deputy Thompson arrives on scene, the vehicle has crashed and the suspects have fled on foot. After driving around the neighborhood, Deputy Raymond calls out on the radio that she is chasing one of the suspects on foot. Deputy Thompson arrives as she is taking the man into custody. She gives the team a play by play and the suspect tells deputies he was just a passenger and the other guys “tossed” him the keys to the vehicle. Deputy Thompson speaks to the female who was in the home when the vehicle crashed into it. The owner of the stolen vehicle arrives and shows the deputies cellphone video of the suspect waving a gun. The car owner explains he left his phone in the car and when he synced his new phone, the video appeared. It is the suspect, t-shirt and all. Deputy Thompson speaks to the suspect who we have now learned was charged with possession of a stolen vehicle 10 days prior. He proclaims his innocence and Thompson and he have a lengthy discussion. Thompson recaps and states that they believe he was the driver, no one got hurt aside from Aubrey cutting her hand and tearing her pants.

Senior Deputy Adrian Thompson responds to a local market where an undercover has spotted a hand to hand transaction taking place in the parking lot. He pulls into the lot as the target begins to pull out. Thompson shouts for the man to stop, but the subject continues to reverse out of the lot. Thompson and Deputy Aubrey Raymond chase the SUV, with Aubrey leading the way. The chase continues through a neighborhood until the subject finds himself at a dead end. The subject bails from the still moving truck and dives over a kudzu-covered wooden fence. Deputy Raymond jumps out after him and goes over the fence while Thompson clears the truck. Truck cleared, he yells for Raymond who is pulling her way through the thick, prickly vines and who soon disappears as she gives chase 25 feet below us. Thompson looks for another way down but decides to get back in his vehicle and drive to the other side of the tracks to help locate the suspect. After driving around, we hear Aubrey on the radio shouting she has the suspect in custody near us. We pull up to find her standing over the handcuffed suspect who says he is dying but asks where his wallet is. An ambulance is called and Aubrey gives a brief explanation of the chase and capture and goes into the woods to search for contraband the man may have tossed. Thompson learns from the suspect that he ran because he has a suspended license. Medics put the man on a gurney as we make our way back to the wreck for more searching and recapping. Thompson asks Aubrey if she had to do it all over would she have jumped that far down. She says she wants to say no, but really probably would do it all over again. 

NameAdrian Thompson
RankSenior Deputy
AgencyRichland County Sheriff’s Department
Station/Area CommandDrug Suppression Team
FromJamaica/South Florida
Why Law EnforcementDecided during my freshman year in college that computers were not for me, so I began my pursuit of my childhood dream of being a cop. Got my bachelor’s in Criminal Justice and became a deputy a year after graduating
First ArrestI was dispatched to a domestic disturbance where the boyfriend pointed a gun at his girlfriend and her family. I got statements from all witnesses and the suspect, who actually admitted to the crime. With all the statements, I charged the suspect with Pointing and Presenting a Firearm
Best part of the jobSeeing the pleased faces from the citizens of Richland County when the job is done and they feel safe again
HobbiesWorking out, playing Battlefield and Call of Duty, working out, spending leisure time with my wife, and working out
Favorite QuoteDon’t act, ’cause acting might get you a role that you ain’t ready to handle Detective Meggers and Lynn of A.C.E (Auto Crimes Enforcement) spot a stolen Honda Civic.  As they follow the stolen vehicle, waiting for more units

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Deputy Adrian Thompson races to backup Deputy Aubrey Raymond who has initiated a pursuit of a stolen car. Raymond was flagged down by the victim who has

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