Deputy Larry Wincelowicz of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office attempts to conduct a welfare check on a woman who was seen walking down the street with a torn shirt. Lee County dispatchers received a call earlier that day about a male and female fighting and the woman matched their description. Deputy Wincelowicz spots the woman and as he approaches her she takes off running into the woods. She proceeds to stop only after stumbling into a fence in the brush. The woman yells out, “Wait, why are you chasing me?” and the deputy responds by asking, “Why are you running from me?” Deputy Wincelowicz attempts to detain her but struggles as the woman argues and resists. Another officer assists Deputy Wincelowicz and they are able to remove her from under a tree. The woman finally admits that she has an active warrant and proceeds to cry and plead to see her daughter. Upon being placed in the patrol car, the woman tells Wincelowicz she ran because she believed she could get away from the officer but failed to notice the fence in her path. The deputy tells the woman that she made a simple situation into a bigger ordeal and now has to face two charges her warrant and resisting arrest. Officer Showman responds to assist Officer Baker who is about conduct a traffic stop on a vehicle. As Officer Showman exits the vehicle the suspect takes off, and a vehicle

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Deputy Ryan Skalko of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office conducts a traffic stop on a vehicle with an equipment violation. The car has dark tinted

Read More » Officer Andrew McKalips backs up a SGT who is on scene at a Donut Shop, where a baker with a warrant runs into the Shop to hide from

Read More » Deputy Mata see’s a white Buick making a traffic violation. At first, driver appears to be trying to evade Deputy Mata but pulls to

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Deputy Cody Jett of the Clay County Sheriff’s Office assists Deputy Victor Mendez who is conducting a traffic stop. The deputies explain to the male

Read More » Officer Johnathan Estrada attempts to stop a bicyclist for riding on the wrong side of the road. Officer Estrada pulls up next to the

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While patrolling the streets, Officer Larry Miles of the Boise Police Department encounters a man peeking inside a business after hours. The man proceeds to

Read More » Officers Fox and Collier stop a car driven by a male for a traffic violation. Driver has a meth pipe in his pocket. The female passenger

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