Officer Molly Mason assists a neighboring agency with a fleeing warrant suspect. Officer Mason arrives to a perimeter and K-9 search. Suspect runs from a house after tussling with homeowner and is taken into custody following a short foot pursuit and take-down. 
NameMolly Mason
RankPatrol Officer
AgencyIndianapolis Metropolitan Police Department
Station/Area CommandIndianapolis- East District
Fromsuburbs of Indianapolis
Why Law EnforcementAnybody who’s worked in a 5×5 cubicle long enough will be forced to answer, “Do I really want to do this forever? What are my passions?” I decided to find out. I’ve heard it said that your calling is where “your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” I discovered this satisfaction in law enforcement.
Best part of the jobIt is the funniest job in the world. The people I meet and the stories I hear can be hilarious, heartbreaking, and eye-opening. On some level I get to impact every person I come in contact with. I also get to work with an amazing family of brothers and sisters in blue.
HobbiesCrossFit, run, travel, read, eat Oreos
Favorite QuoteI haven’t picked up a catch phrase yet. I need to incorporate a good CSI one-liner, something like, “He is a liar. I just don’t know what the lie is yet.” Deputy Heater Trumble of the Nye County Sheriffs Office is dispatched on a area check to find a man who had a verbal altercation with his

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