Officer Rogers Patrols an area known for drugs, prostitution and gang activity. He spots 2 males walking in the middle of the road and stops to check for warrants. Before we can exit the vehicle one of the subjects starts to walk towards our patrol vehicle and then bolts off running. Officer Rogers gives chase down the street where our suspect trips over himself. The suspect manages to get back up and continue to run. He’s then tackled to the ground and arrested. After a brief investigation it is discovered that the suspect has multiple warrants out for his arrest which he later admits was the reason for running. He says he just got out of prison and was out walking around asking family members in the area for money.

Officer Rogers, while on patrol in an area known for drugs and prostitution sees a male walking in the middle of the road. Officer Rogers makes contact with male, and while attempting to communicate and identify the subject he notices that he’s mumbling his words and keeps turning his head. Officer Rogers asks him to spit out what’s in his mouth, at that point the subject bolts away and starts to run. Officer Rogers gives chase and after a lengthy foot pursuit, runs into some bushes and trips over our suspect who had attempted to lay down and hide. After a brief scuffle the suspect is taken into custody. Officer Rogers searches the path of the foot pursuit and is able to recover the drugs the suspect had attempted to conceal in his mouth. 

NameJermaine Rogers
RankOfficer -Patrol Division
AgencyMobile Police Department,  AL
Station/Area Command3rd precinct
FromMobile, AL
Why Law EnforcementAs a child my mother would buy me police uniforms and that was all I would wear.  My cousin  would also dress in the same uniform and now he’s a police officer. As I entered my freshman year of college at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette I decided then that if football doesn’t work out for me I’ll pursue my career in law enforcement. After a major knee injury in college my plan of becoming a police officer was in motion. I  have always believed that as a child my career plan was already made.
First ArrestMy first arrest wasnt exciting. My first day of field training my FTO and I conducted a traffic stop. After making contact with the driver it was confirmed that she had several warrants with the city. Once I placed the driver in the back of the patrol car my FTO advised her that she was the first person I’ve arrested.  A year later I was dispatched to a call of an assault where the driver was on scene and stated “hey you remember me, I was the first person you arrested” in front of a large crowd of people.
Best part of the jobThe best part of my job is that I get to change the way people think of police officers. My first week on the streets by myself, my plans were to meet with the community I patrol. I came across several kids playing basketball and all of them ran in the house.  After making contact with the kids I advised them that I just wanted to play basketball. They couldn’t believe that a police officer would actually take the time out to play with them. Now those same kids run to my car when they see me and that is the best part of my job. I want children to have the same outlook on law enforcement that I had as a child.
HobbiesMy hobbies: playing all types of sports, fantasy football and Madden Football
Favorite Quote“I don’t get tired”…”next time you run wear a belt”

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