Deputies, of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, took a report from a woman who was assaulted by her boyfriend. The boyfriend has left on foot. Deputy Matthew Baker arrives to meet up with a K-9 unit to do a track. The lengthy track leads to a nearby residence. A man answers the door and claims that the man they are looking for was at his place, but he left before the deputies arrived. The man gives Deputy Baker permission to check the house to make sure he isn’t there. Deputies begin to clear the house, which is filled with several occupants, and leave to wait for more backup. Once most of the people are out of the house, the K-9 deputy, who is in the backyard, spots a man trying to sneak out the back window. As he’s spotted, he goes back into the house. The deputies begin to clear the house again, but they do not find the man. The K-9 is then deployed to search the house and drags a man out of an air vent. They take him into custody, believing that they found the guy who had battered his girlfriend. However, they soon realize that this is not the guy. The man who was hiding in the vent says he was hiding because he had child support warrants. Deputy Baker has a short conversation with the man about his foolishness before he is taken off in an ambulance. Deputies decided to issue a warrant for the man they were searching for and go find him another day. The man who succumbed to the dog bite is arrested for resisting, as well as his child support warrants.

Deputy Corso responds to a domestic disturbance call where allegedly the boyfriend smashed the window of his girlfriend’s car with the butt of his gun.

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Deputy Joe McMahon engages in a CHP car pursuit, which transitions into a chase on foot when the suspect crashes onto a drive-through speaker and

Read More » Officer Cassie McHale, of the Fort Myers Police Department spots a vehicle failing to stop at a stop sign. As she attempts to stop

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Deputy Clinton Stearns of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office conducts a traffic stop after spotting a male driver not wearing a seat belt. When Deputy

Read More » Deputies Nestor and Locke are dispatched to a call where a female has tried to run over her girlfriend with a car.  Upon arrival deputies

Read More » Officer Ursitti and Officer Ciulla spot a vehicle entering a public housing division, that had cut off another vehicle. Officers attempt to initiate a

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Deputy Ryan Skalko of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office conducts a traffic stop on a vehicle with an equipment violation. The car has dark tinted

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Deputy Sheriff Samuel Kimmel – Martin County Sheriffs Office Deputy Kimmel attempts to conduct a traffic stop on a vehicle that missed a stop sign.

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