Deputy Guy Habercom of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office is dispatched to a domestic violence call where a 71 year old woman is assaulting her fiance.  Upon arrival the distraught female is awaiting our arrival, while inside her trailer.  Evidence of injury and the daughter’s witness account provides enough to arrest the woman.  She shares her disgust & has many choice words in her New England accent.

NameGuy Habercom
AgencyPinellas County Sheriffs Office
Station/Area CommandSquad 1 Evening Shift
FromPalm Bay, Florida
Why Law EnforcementWhile attending high school I took a few criminal justice classes and it spiked my interest. I evenutally got a degree in criminal justice and went to the police academy shortly after.
First ArrestMy first arrest was for a subject driving on a suspended license. The subject did not stop at a stop sign and I made a traffic stop on the vehicle. The subject admitted his license was suspended. The subject was taken into custody and was cooperative throughout the process.
Best part of the jobThe best part of the job is getting to interact with different groups of people and knowing that everyday will bring something different.
HobbiesI enjoy going to the beach and throwing the football. I also enjoy traveling and watching different sporting events in the area.
Favorite Quote“You have one life in which to do everything you’ll ever do. Act accordingly.” Deputy Jon Dobson is dispatched to a domestic violence call. He arrives and while approaching the house he hears loud voices. Deputy Dobson knocks on the

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