Deputy Kessinger provides back up for another deputy who is conducting a traffic stop and has K9 en route. The driver says he just dropped a friend off who was smoking earlier and that’s why the car probably smells like weed. The dog alerts to the presence of marijuana, and the driver is asked to step out of the vehicle. After talking to him, he eventually confesses that there is “some” weed in the car. After deputies start searching, they find a large amount of marijuana and distribution supplies. The suspect admits he just started selling.

Deputy Brandt Kessinger stops to speak with a subject walking down the street. The subject is cooperative but very suspicious and nervous.  He agrees to the search of his person and nothing is found on him.  After running his name Deputy Kessinger see’s that he has a warrant for burglary.  He is handcuffed, but denies the warrant.  As Kessinger is searching his pockets the suspect flees in handcuffs toward the back of a house.  Kessinger and Deputy Carter catch him right as he tries leaping over a chain linked fence.  The suspect is very adamant about talking to his wife and said that’s why he ran.  Deputy Kessinger contacts the wife and she comes over to talk to the suspect about getting bailed out. He is arrested for the warrant and for resisting.  

NameBrandt Kessinger
RankDeputy Sheriff
AgencyEscambia County Sheriff Office
Station/Area CommandPatrol North
Why Law EnforcementI always wanted to be in law enforcement, however I started in the fire service then switched over to law enforcement after several years.
First ArrestMy first arrest was from making a traffic stop and one of the passengers in the car was a convicted felon in possession of a firearm and narcotics.
Best part of the jobNo two days are the same and I enjoy being outside.
HobbiesI’m pretty much an outdoors person. I like to exercise, play football, go out on the water, to the beach and go hunting.
Favorite QuoteIts not mine, I don’t know.”


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