While on patrol Deputy Alexander Foster, of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, stops a vehicle with illegal tint leaving a known drug area. The male driver explains that he was in the area picking up his female friend from the mobile home park. The driver fails to show his license but proceeds to give the officer his passport. Deputy Foster identifies the male driver and discovers his license is suspended for previously obtaining a fraudulent license. He is also currently on probation for a drug violation. Officers search the vehicle and find illegal substances meanwhile the female passenger admits she has contraband in her purse. Although illegal substances were found in the vehicle the male driver is adamant that his life is being ruined due to overly tinted windows. The driver is detained.

Story Title 

Jamaican Me Crazy for Tint


Alexander Foster




Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office



Hire Date

November 2013

Originally From

St. Petersburg

How did you get into Law Enforcement?

I took criminology classes in college and enjoyed learning about Law Enforcement. I originally wanted to get into Federal Law Enforcement, but I decided that local Law Enforcement was a better fit.

What was your first arrest?

I made a stalking arrest on my first night on my own. I was working midnights in the Seminole area. I was called to the house twice in one night because a male subject was stalking his ex-girlfriend. I ended up finding the male hiding behind his ex-girlfriend’s vehicle. The male was cooperative, but the whole situation was overwhelming due to the amount of documentation that was required for the report.

What is your favorite part about your job?

It’s different every day. It forces you to use your brain and brawn to be successful.


Collecting movies, playing video games, hockey, baseball, football, and ice skating.

What is your favorite quote or saying?

“So please don’t brag. Only fools brag. Bragging just shows you can shoot off your big mouth. If you’re great, people will know it.You don’t have to tell them anything just like I don’t have to tell you. Understand.” – Mr. T

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