Senior Officer Tim Nading  hears a call of a motorcycle pursuit on the radio. Officers lose the motorcycle but officer Nading has an idea where it was headed due to prior contacts with motorcycle calls in that area. Officer Nading arrives at the suspected house and with the help of neighbors, finds the suspect barricaded in his garage. While waiting for a K9 officer to arrive the suspects mother comes out of the house and tries to talk her son out. When K9 shows up, officers break out panel of garage door and send in the K9. The K9 gets a bite and suspect starts to scream. Suspect is taken in to custody and is charged with eluding, driving with barred license, and 2nd degree theft.

NameTim M. Nading
RankSenior Police Officer
AgencyDes Moines Police
Station/Area CommandCenter Business District
FromNevada/Central Iowa
Why Law EnforcementGrowing up I had family and parents of my close friends in Law Enforcement at many levels. I suppose that it was always deeply rooted into the person I would become. My career started at a much smaller Sheriff’s Department  in 1995, where I was able to learn and take in the experiences of more seasoned officers and develop my own way of  approaching this career. Starting off where I did was extremely beneficial for later coming to Des Moines, teaching me how to better communicate with individuals knowing my backup was not just around the corner.
First ArrestMy first arrest was way back in 1995 at the Sheriff’s Department where I began my career. I was assigned to assist a neighboring county on the outskirts of the area to arrest a burglary suspect.  When confronted the suspect fled inside his house and slammed the door. Being a young energetic guy I immediately gave chase and broke through the door. Once inside the fella charged at me, I charged back and we both landed on a nearby couch and the fight was on. After all was said and done, supervisors from the other agency sent a message to my department stating how impressed they were and said that “your young deputy must have gone to the Dan Gable School of Police work.” Dan Gable was the legendary wrestling coach for the University of Iowa. It felt good to get that first real fight under my belt, I responded well and it made me know in my head I could do this job.
Best part of the jobThis job over the course of almost 20yrs has given me so many opportunities. I have been a canine handler, on mounted horse patrol, two man units, I have been a defensive tactics and striking instrument instructor. Except for the time I spent with my canine partner Reno, nothing else compares to the relationship/friendships that I have developed and carried on with me over the course of my career. So many memories,  good and bad that I will carry with me for life.
HobbiesI live a very healthy life style in regards to focusing hard of maintaining  fitness. I have had some serious injuries and used weigh training and cardio sessions to maintain my body as well as my mind. Not being the biggest guy in the room it helps me stay in a better shape then many of the people we will encounter.  

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