Officer Mark Showman pulls over a vehicle for having false plates. After running both passengers information the vehicle comes back stolen. Both suspects are taken out and questioned about the vehicle. K9 is called out and gets a positive hit on the vehicle for narcotics. After a search, 20 grams of crystal meth and 18 grams of weed are found hidden inside the vehicle. The driver is asked about the drugs to which he first claims they don’t belong to him and after a few seconds, he admits some of it is his. Over $500 cash is found in his pocket along with other drug paraphernalia.

Officer Showman responds to assist Officer Baker who is about conduct a traffic stop on a vehicle. As Officer Showman exits the vehicle the suspect takes off, and a vehicle pursuit ensues. Spike strips are successfully deployed, disabling two of the fleeing suspects tires. The suspect finally comes to a stop on the highway and bails out of his car jumping over the median into oncoming traffic. Officer Showman and Baker give chase across the freeway and take the suspect into custody. The suspect is arrested and when asked why he ran, he states ” I didn’t want another ticket.”

NameMark Showman
AgencyIndependence Police Department, MO
Station/Area CommandNorth Patrol
FromIndependence, Missouri
Why Law EnforcementI was always drawn to the Police or military profession. It was what I always wanted to do.  My only fall back was being a country music singer and my voice is horrible!
First Arrest 
Best part of the jobFirst and foremost I like when bad guys go to jail.  I’m also proud to work in the community that I grew up in and somewhere that is still home to many loved ones.
HobbiesI enjoy weight lifting, crossfit, and any other activity that leads to personal health and fitness.  Most of all I love spending time with my family.
Favorite Quote” I deal with really good people on really bad days”

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