Sgt. Aaron Aldridge and Officer Nick Lively receive information that a man walking down the road had just purchased illegal narcotics. The man is spotted J walking, and officers attempt to contact him. As Officer Lively exits the vehicle the man flees on foot.  Officer give chase and the man was is eventually caught in someones back yard at gunpoint. During the chase the suspect dumped a backpack which was later found, searched and contained drug paraphernalia.

NameNicholas Lively
RankPatrol Officer
AgencyGlendale Police Department, AZ
Station/Area CommandSET Team
FromWhittier, CA
Why Law EnforcementI got in to law enforcement right after leaving the Air Force after serving 8 years, it’s always been a job I’ve considered and thought I would give it a try before I got any older, luckily I was hired prior to my reenlistment date
First ArrestMy first arrest was a shoplifter who stole like $4.00 worth of stuff, not the biggest bust in the world but I had to break the seal.
Best part of the jobThe best part of this job is the little things, you quickly realize you are not going to change the world but you do get an opprotunity to help a few people out.  
HobbiesI try to enjoy everything, from the nightmare of going to the grocery store to camping out with family and friends, life is too short to mope around.
Favorite Quote“I rather you just not talk to me then just sit there and lie to my face” Deputy Daniel Portell of the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office is dispatched to a call of a man assaulting a woman on the side of the road. He arrives and finds the

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