Deputy Chris Tucker spots a stolen vehicle that was just broadcast on the radio 20 minutes earlier. Deputy Tucker follows the stolen jeep with his lights blacked out to give backup units time to get into position. Once Deputy Tucker activates his lights the jeep takes off and a 5 minute car chase ensues. The pursuit ends on a dead road and both suspects flee on foot. Deputy Tucker chases both and can only catch one of the suspects that happens to be the passenger. The passenger claims he was just getting a ride, after further investigation Deputy Tucker finds plastic gloves and the GPS unit from the stolen jeep in his possession. The suspect is booked for grand theft auto and sent to jail.
NameChris Tucker
AgencyRichmond County Sheriff’s Office
Station/Area CommandNorth Precinct C-Shift Augusta, GA
FromAugusta, GA
Why Law EnforcementI’ve held several jobs and learned quickly that you have to enjoy what you are doing as far as a career in life. That being said, I was interested in Law Enforcement from an early age.
HobbiesGoing to the gym, sports, and shooting firearms (the bigger the better).
Favorite QuoteDon’t talk about it, be about it… “Team Ruckus”

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