Officer Hidlebaugh stops three individuals, because the driver has a warrant. They turn out to be regulars in the area who buy heroin. After getting their information, Officer Hidlebaugh decides to get them all out of the vehicle. During this time, the woman driver starts stuffing needles and spoons under the seats and in her “body parts.” She, along with the other two males, are taken out and the car is searched. officers find a lot of paraphernalia but no actual heroin. After conversations about addiction, the baby, etc, the woman and her boyfriend (child’s father) are taken to jail. The woman tries to take the fall for everything and her boyfriend is eager to let her.
NameJered Hidlebaugh
RankPatrol Officer
AgencyIndianapolis Metropolitan Police Department
Station/Area CommandNorth District Middle Shift
FromMonroe, Ohio
Why Law EnforcementI went to college and double majored in History and Political Science, thinking I wanted to be a lawyer. I decided that I wasn’t the type of person that was able to sit behind a desk for 8 hours a day and the idea of law enforcement interested me. I started applying to police departments while I was still in college and IMPD hired me a year after I graduated from college.
First ArrestMy first arrest was with my primary FTO on South East District, Ofc Vanek. We had a call on an intoxicated person, we showed up, he was drunk, and he went to jail.My favorite catch from my time in FTO was when Ofc Vanek and I were able to catch a guy who was going around the neighborhood where we patrolled looking into female’s rooms while they were changing. I was still very new to IMPD and there was a perimeter set up. Ofc Vanek and I saw a male who matched the suspect description riding a bicycle down the street towards us. I hopped out of the car on him and he began to pedal faster. Being new, I was worried that the suspect was going to get away so I began to jog towards him, thinking that if he ran I’d catch him pretty quickly. The only thing I heard was Ofc Vanek yelling “Easy!” as he later told me he was worried I would tackle him off the bicycle and it wouldn’t be the right guy. I ended up getting him off of the bicycle without any problems and into handcuffs. It ended up being the suspect we were looking for and our sex crimes detective was able to make an arrest on him that night.
Best part of the jobThe best part of my job is getting to work everyday with a great group of people who are all like minded. We all like to find drugs, guns, warrants, etc. It’s fun to come to work when everyone works hard and backs each other up.
HobbiesI like to hang out with my wife and our two dogs, a boxer and a yellow lab. I also like to watch The Ohio State Buckeyes, Cincinnati Reds, Cincinnati Bengals, play golf and I workout on a daily basis at IndyShield Crossfit, which is a Crossfit gym that we have at our training academy.
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