Officer Paola Ramos is dispatched to a keep the peace call. The owner of the house says he wants his friend who has not been paying rent to leave, since his friend is causing him mental anguish. The owner’s friend/roommate says he has been compensating his friend when he can, but the real problem is his friend/landlord has developed a romantic interest in him and he is jealous of his new partner that is moving from out of state to be with him. They both agree to set a move out date and there will be no more problems. Officer Ramos is impressed at how much mutual respect the two have for each other. 

NamePaola Ramos
RankPatrol Officer
AgencyPalm Springs Police Department
Station/Area Command 
FromSo Cal! Coachella Valley
Why Law EnforcementI kind of always knew. I just accepted it and pursued this desire, finishing school and putting myself through the academy. Then I left it to God to decide if this was meant for me.
First ArrestMy first arrest was boring, simple dope arrest however, my first vehicle pursuit was with a stolen motorcycle. I followed it as it was leaving a well known apartment complex, aka the Crack Towers. As I initiated the stop, the pursuit was on. Now, this was my first week out of training and was still a bit shy about using the radio. Regardless, I was able to coordinate officers to my direction of travel and the motorcycle eventually crashed. The driver took off running and I ran after him, my baton falling out in the middle of the street, and as I saw the suspect try to jump a gate, I ordered him on the ground. I hadn’t put it out over the radio but another officer down the street gave the play by play for me. The suspect realized he wasn’t getting his gut over the gate and there was nowhere to go and surrendered. I held him at gun point until more officers arrived and then placed him under arrest. My coworker let the suspect know he was arrested by a girl.
Best part of the jobSo much that I like when I’m not burnt out. Other than helping people, the best part is meeting people from different backgrounds and perspectives. The daily challenges that make me grow in my personal and professional abilities.
HobbiesFamily time, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, dance, and Travel!
Favorite Quote“No good deed goes unpunished”

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