Sergeant Robert Vega – Colton Police Department

While on patrol, Sergeant Robert Vega of the Colton Police Department, stumbles upon a man and woman late at night rummaging through a dumpster at a new construction site. Sgt. Vega recognizes the female due to prior run-ins with her and her friends. Upon searching the male suspect, Sgt. Vega finds drugs and drug paraphernalia … Read more

Deputy Matthew Baker – Marion County Sheriff’s Office

Deputies, of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, took a report from a woman who was assaulted by her boyfriend. The boyfriend has left on foot. Deputy Matthew Baker arrives to meet up with a K-9 unit to do a track. The lengthy track leads to a nearby residence. A man answers the door and claims … Read more

Deputy Jordyn Cobb – Marion County Sheriff’s Office

Deputy Jordyn Cobb responds to a domestic disturbance in progress between a man and a woman. Upon arriving on the scene, Deputy Cobb is forced to restrain an uncooperative belligerent woman. Once she is able to detain the woman, she talks with the male half who claims his girlfriend punched him multiple times. He has … Read more

Deputy Benjamin Stolz – Spokane Valley Police Department

Deputy Benjamin Stolz, of the Spokane Valley Police Department, patrols the area near a motel parking lot. He approaches two men inside of a vehicle for suspicious activity but the driver quickly takes off and the passenger runs toward the establishment. Deputy Stolz chases the male suspect and tackles the suspect to the ground. While … Read more

Officer Steve McKenna – Wichita Police Department

Officer Steve McKenna of the Wichita Police Department attempts to pull over an SUV with a stolen 60-day temporary tag. When Officer McKenna flashes his lights the vehicle makes a u-turn into a yard and takes off into a neighborhood. After blowing through multiple stop signs, the SUV drives down a dense alleyway and pops … Read more

Officer Jacob LaMunyon – Wichita Police Department

Officer Jacob LaMunyon, of the Wichita Police Department, responds to a call of a burglary in progress at a recycling center. As officers approach the scene, a young man matching the dispatcher’s description is spotted pedaling away from the area at a high speed. Officer LaMunyon gives chase and the male stops. He initially refuses … Read more

Deputy Kaleb Dailey – Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office

Deputy Kaleb Dailey of the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office conducts a traffic stop on a car that failed to stop at a stop sign. The vehicle pulls into the parking lot of a local bar and a female driver exits the car along with a male passenger. Deputy Dailey asks to see the belligerent woman’s … Read more

Officer Kaleb Brewer – Wichita Police Department

Officer Kaleb Brewer of the Wichita Police Department spots a male driver not wearing a seat belt. At first, the driver is cooperative but proceeds to drive-off as Officer Brewer conducts his investigation. After a brief chase, the male driver pulls into a driveway. As officers search the vehicle they find a small baggy containing … Read more