Deputy Benjamin Stolz, of the Spokane Valley Police Department, patrols the area near a motel parking lot. He approaches two men inside of a vehicle for suspicious activity but the driver quickly takes off and the passenger runs toward the establishment. Deputy Stolz chases the male suspect and tackles the suspect to the ground. While in custody the male suspect states he has illegal narcotics on him. Deputies find heroin and a large amount of cash in his possession. The suspect denies selling illegal narcotics but confirms he has a substance abuse problem. He is charged with drug possession and an active warrant.

Story Title 

Das Pursuit


Benjamin Stolz 




Spokane County Sheriff’s Office Department



Hire Date

June 2008

Originally From


How did you get into Law Enforcement?

When I was 36, I wanted to switch careers. I used to be a cameraman in Germany. I liked that I was out and about and not being stuck behind a desk. I decided to apply back in the US. I sold all my belongings, shipped 6 boxes of stuff by mail and moved to California where I eventually got picked up by a large agency.

What was your first arrest?

I honestly don’t remember. So safe to say it went smooth.

What is your favorite part about your job?

There are many great parts. I love the people I work with. There is nothing more rewarding than helping a citizen. I love to be able to make my own decisions. A lot of good police work starts with gut feeling and I love being able to use it.


I tend to a ranch that requires a lot of work other than that I play guitar and like to adventure on my motorcycle.

Favorite Quote

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