Officer Steve McKenna of the Wichita Police Department attempts to pull over an SUV with a stolen 60-day temporary tag. When Officer McKenna flashes his lights the vehicle makes a u-turn into a yard and takes off into a neighborhood. After blowing through multiple stop signs, the SUV drives down a dense alleyway and pops out onto a street, over-shooting the turn and barely missing oncoming traffic. The pursuit continues until the vehicle loses control and crashes into a house, and a female is seen running from the driver’s side of the vehicle. After a short foot pursuit, Officer McKenna catches up with the lady and takes her into custody. The lady is adamant that there was a male driver involved but he took off after the crash. First, she claims the individual is her cousin and then retracts her statement by explaining that she only refers to him as her cousin, however, she doesn’t know his real name. She gives Officer McKenna a false name and becomes emotional when she learns she is being charged with possession of stolen property along with fleeing and eluding. The officers don’t believe there ever was a male driver and receive confirmation after speaking to the homeowner. He states he only saw a female exit the vehicle after the crash. The female suspect eventually tells Officer McKenna she lied because she has warrants. Officer McKenna tells the young lady that if she had stopped, she would’ve been charged with a misdemeanor instead of a felony. She says a tearful goodbye to her sister and is taken to jail.

Story Title 

Can I Crash At Your House?


Steven McKenna


Police Officer


Wichita Police Department



Hire Date

Sept 2012

Originally From

Wichita, KS

How did you get into Law Enforcement?

My father was a police officer and retired as a Lieutenant from the Wichita Police Department. My father was the one that encouraged me to become a police officer.

What was your first arrest?

My first arrest was an individual that was trespassing at a gas station and was intoxicated on alcohol. When he was asked to leave, he stood up and lunged at myself and another officer. I had to go hands-on and take him to the ground and place him in handcuffs. It was quite exhilarating for a rookie officer.

What is your favorite part about your job?

The best part of my job is the freedom I have every day to go out and do what I want. I respond to calls of help daily and enjoy interacting with the citizens of our community.


I would have to say my biggest hobby is cooking. I enjoy creating new dishes and cooking Italian food. I also love spending time playing with my son and daughter.

Favorite Quote

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