Officer Tracy Russell of the Lawrence Police Department responds to a call of a burglary in progress around the corner from his location. Officer Russell arrives on scene, and he and a few other officers approach the business and are greeted by the suspect still inside. Officers enter the store and attempt to take the suspect into custody. The man resists, and Officer Russell deploys OC spray to gain compliance from the suspect who continues to resist. Once in cuffs, he is escorted out to a patrol vehicle. The suspect explains to Officer Russell that he had been walking all day and just wanted some cigarettes. He’s booked on several felony charges and taken to jail.

NameTracy Russell
RankPolice Officer
AgencyLawrence, Kansas Police Department
Station/Area CommandPatrol, Shift Three
FromGreat Bend, Kansas
Why Law EnforcementMy neighbor was a Lieutenant in charge of Investigations who would often share interesting stories about the job with me.  I eventually went on a ride-a-long with their patrol officers and got hooked.  After my second ride-a-long, I knew law enforcement was going to be the career path of my choice.
First ArrestMy very first arrest occurred on the first day out of the field training program, which was also my 21st birthday.  It was a domestic violence call and the intoxicated husband had battered his wife.  I clearly remember being so scared trying to follow department policy, maintaining good officer safety tactics, deploying good interview skills, and finally deciding I had to take the man, who was old enough to be my dad, to jail.  The arrest went off without any problems and I felt a sense of relief knowing I had a role in protecting the wife that night from an abusive husband.
Best part of the jobThe best part of being a police officer is the camaraderie.  Being on the front line, all you have are your brothers and sisters to watch your back.  It is a sense of belonging and family that you find in very few careers.
HobbiesI am an avid photographer who enjoys personal portraits and landscape photography.  I also enjoy water sports and riding my Honda Goldwing around our beautiful country.
Favorite QuoteOne of my favorite quotes comes from retired NYC detective Vernon Geberth who said, “Remember, We work for God.” Deputy Johann Jareno of the Bernalillo County Sheriffs Office gets dispatched to a domestic call. Deputy Jareno arrives and the mother advises that her son has attacked her. When Deputy Jareno attempts to

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