Deputy Brian Templeton of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department responds to a call of domestic violence at apartment. A man has barricaded himself inside an apartment after locking his girlfriend and her mother out. Contact is made with the suspect through the front door, but he refuses to open door. The suspect then negotiates with officers through side window, officers then notice a knife and dog inside residence with suspect. Suspect tells officers that the dog will attack if ordered to. The suspect then exits through window with the dog, and refuses to cooperate and uses the dog as a shield against officers who have guns and tasers drawn on suspect. Finally the suspect sets the dog set free, and the suspect is taken into custody and arrested after a brief struggle. Deputies check on the dog who is unharmed. 

NameBrian Templeton
RankDeputy Sheriff
AgencySacramento County Sheriff Department
Station/Area CommandNorth Patrol
FromNorth Highlands, California
Why Law EnforcementI was ways interested in law enforcement, starting as a kid playing cops and robbers.  After high school, I took classes at a local junior college and study criminal justice.  I tested with the Sheriff’s Department and was accepted as a recruit.  After graduating from the academy, I worked as a reserve Deputy Sheriff for a while, then I was hired full time.
First ArrestI don’t remember my very first arrest, but one of the first was a man who had stolen a power drill from a hardware store. He had tried to run from security and been tackled outside the store.  He was adamant he hadn’t stolen anything however he had a power cord running out the front fly of his pants with the polarized plug by his knees.
Best part of the jobMaking (or trying to make) order out of chaotic situations.  I enjoy meeting different people and trying to help those who need it.  I like the fact that each day brings a new challenge and after almost 20 years, I still see things that make you go hmm daily.
HobbiesFamily time, assistant scoutmaster for my son’s scout troop, target shooting, hunting and trying to fish
Favorite QuoteI think you might be being deceitful because I see your lips moving…(used at the appropriate time of course) Officer Derick Smith of the Lubbock Police Department responds to a domestic disturbance call, where multiple parties were involved in a dispute. Upon arrival

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