Officers Thatcher and Rapp spot a white pickup truck leaving a known drug house and attempt to initiate a traffic stop. The driver accelerates away and the officers pursue him. The suspect slides through a stop light and jumps a curb, causing damage to the vehicle, but somehow manages to keep the now sparking truck moving forward. With speeds nominal and traffic light, the pursuit heads into a residential neighborhood. The truck whips onto a dirt road and begins to fishtail wildly, swinging sideways before the suspect obliterates a wood fence and smashes sideways into a wooden utility shed. The officers surround the shed and attempt to locate the suspect. It becomes obvious the man has crawled into the rafters of the small building and as more officers arrive, the man begins to scream that he was inside the building and got hit by a truck. He is given commands to come out, but falls down and gets stuck, forcing Officer Thatcher to crawl in and drag him out. He is extricated from the debris and taken into custody while still claiming that he was just innocently hanging out near the shed when the truck hit him. Officer Thatcher employs advanced investigation techniques and the man eventually confesses to being the driver before being taken to the hospital to tend to his injuries. Officers Thatcher and Rapp debrief with Sgt. Jonker and even apologize on behalf of the suspect to the residents of the home, who happened to see the entire end to the chase. They tell Officer Thatcher it was shocking to see a car chase end in their backyard. With the amount of damage to the structure and truck, everyone is surprised the man was not more injured by the crash.

Corporal Justin Laing spots a stolen car listed on the department’s hot sheet. After a dangerous pursuit through a neighborhood, the driver crashes into a

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While on patrol, Corporal Michael Milazzo of the Lafayette Police Department spots a vehicle with incorrect plates. As Corporal Milazzo approaches the SUV, he notices

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Deputy Martin Perez of the Bexar County Sheriffs Department attempts to make a traffic stop on a car that is speeding with a rear donut

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Deputy Joe McMahon engages in a CHP car pursuit, which transitions into a chase on foot when the suspect crashes onto a drive-through speaker and

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Deputy Lance Herrera of the Bexar County Sheriffs Department spots a man riding a bike without an illuminated light attached to his bike. Deputy Herrera

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