Master Deputy Chad Maltby of the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office observes a suspicious vehicle crossing the double yellow line.  He conducts an investigative traffic stop on the vehicle.  Upon contact, the driver seems suspicious and displays nervous shaking.  Deputy II J.S. Williams arrives and the driver is asked to step out.  The driver then throws contraband into the vehicle while trying to distract the deputies with a lighter.  The subject is taken to the ground, and after some crying… is secured into a patrol car.  The suspect continues to cry and attempts to retrieve and hide more evidence hidden in his backside.  Deputies recover the contraband, and the man begins banging his head into the window and cage. He soon calms down and comes clean with everything.  

NameChad Maltby
RankMaster Deputy
AgencyGreenville County Sherriffs Office
Station/Area CommandDirected Patrol Unit
FromWestern North Carolina
Why Law EnforcementI wanted to be in law enforcement since childhood.  
First ArrestMust not have been exciting because I can’t remember.
Best part of the jobMaking my community a better place and also The excitement and comraderie with fellow Deputies.
HobbiesTime with family. outdoor activities; hunting, fishing, camping.
Favorite QuoteWhen playing the “name game” and the suspect has a hard time spelling there own name. They say “who me” after every question.   Very funny.


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