Officer Torres of the Palm Springs Police Department conducts a pedestrian check on a man who is walking in a known drug area. The man stated he is waiting for a taxi after he visited his uncle who lives in the area. Soon it is revealed that the subject has a warrant, a warrant he says he doesn’t have. While performing a pat-down search he admits he has drugs on him. The subject is arrested and booked for his warrant and drug possession.

NameMiguel Torres
RankPolice Officer
AgencyPalm Springs Police Department
Station/Area Command 
FromCathedral City, California
Why Law EnforcementI started with the Explorer program and got hooked.
First ArrestI was dispatched to an extremely intoxicated person call. I arrived and found her sitting on the curb and I arrested her after she was unable to stand on her own. I think it went well but if it didn’t, she would not have known anyways because she so drunk.Not an exciting first arrest.
Best part of the jobKnowing that I can make an impact ridding the community of criminals.
HobbiesI like to play basketball and go to the Colorado River with family and friends.
Favorite Quote“I’m your huckleberry.”

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