Advance Patrol Officer Nathan Jentzen of the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department Crime Suppression Unit attempts to makes a traffic stop on a silver car with dark tint. When he gets turned around on the vehicle, the driver is out of the car and jaywalking. While getting the driver’s information, APO Sergio Ahuyon checks the car and notices some narcotics in the inside. As the suspect is about to be put in handcuffs, he attempts to break away resulting in him being tazed. The suspects Mother & Father show up and talk to officers and suspect. Officers charge suspect with numerous felonies.

NameNathan A. Jentzen
RankAdvance Patrol Officer
AgencySavannah Chatham Metro Police
Station/Area CommandPCT 3
FromChicago IL.
Why Law EnforcementJoined the Army and became a Military Police Officer. When I got out I wanted to continue my career with Law Enforcement and got hired on with Savannah Chatham Metro Police.
First ArrestI responded to a fast food place for a vandalism where the suspect was still on scene. The subject threw a brinck through the window because he was upset and intoxicated. I asked him some questions and he ended up admitting to me that he did it. I arrested him, searched him incident to arrest and sent him on his way to jail.
Best part of the jobBest part of my job is being able to help people. Seeing children and elderly people smile and thank me for beign there for them.
HobbiesI like to swim, go to the shooting range, and spend time with friends and family.
Favorite QuoteI love it but at the end of the day its just a job and I try and not bring it home. While on patrol Officers Hollingsworth and Bolton observe a vehicle known to have an extensive criminal history blow a stop sign. They attempt to

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