Deputy Alex Cox conducts a felony stop and the male driver and female passenger are taken into custody with out incident. An assortment of drugs and paraphernalia are found in the car. The driver says he was unaware the car was stolen and all he was doing was trying to have a date with the passenger. The passenger states that she didn’t know the car was stolen, but driver said something about they were in a bad car.The passenger denies being on a date with driver. Both are arrested for the drugs and stolen car.

Deputy Alex Cox, of the Nye County Sheriff’s Office, is cut off by a vehicle while on patrol. Deputy Cox locates the driver in a nearby parking lot. The man is asked to step to the front of the patrol car. As soon as Deputy Cox describes man to dispatch as a Hispanic male, he becomes very agitated and it becomes necessary to detain him. The man says he doesn’t like being called Mexican and starts to get even more aggressive verbally. He is put in the back of patrol car were he finally calms down. He explains to our deputies that he does not like to listen to authority, but in the end he accepts his ticket and drives away.

Deputy Cox, of the Nye County NV Sheriff’s Office performs a traffic stop on a vehicle occupied by two males. During the course of the traffic stop deputies ask the occupants of the the car if they have any weed in the car. Driver allows car to be searched until he is asked to open the locked glove box. The driver says he doesn’t want them to open the glove box until he can talk to his attorney. Deputies finally gain access to the glove box and find a little bit of marijuana.  The passenger ends up having some cocaine on him. The driver is given a ticket for the marijuana and the passenger is booked for the cocaine.

Deputy Cox responds to a keep the peace call to assist with a custody transfer. For the last four years grandmother has been taking care of her son’s three kids, since he is in jail and the mother lives in Florida and at one time was unable to care for her very loved kids. The mother feels her kids are in danger with grandmother and the grandmother feels kids will be broken up and mentally and physically abused by there mother. Deputies explains how they are there to keep the peace and can’t interfere with the court order. During the interviews it is apparent that both sides love the kids, but the kids are very confused to what is happening. In the end the kids go with their mother in her van to start a new life in Florida. 

NameAlex Cox
RankDeputy Sheriff
AgencyNye County Sheriff’s Office, NV
Station/Area CommandSouthern Area Command
FromLas Vegas
Why Law EnforcementMel GIbson movies / My grandpa is a retired detective who made the job sound exciting and rewarding
First ArrestI stopped a male on his bicycle for failure to use signal….. Found a Baggie of methamphetamine in his pocket ….. The rest is history
Best part of the jobTaking drugs off the streets
HobbiesWorkout…Practice shooting…Watch movies with my girlfriend…Shoot hoops with my brother
Favorite Quote“Today just isn’t your day” Officers Joseph and George see a vehicle driving erratically. When they attempt to pull it over it speeds up , which leads to a

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