Officer Skyler Boatright starts to follow a vehicle that has left a known drug house. Officer Boatright notices that the plate tags have expired and starts to initiate a stop. As the vehicle turns in to a grocery store, it starts to speed off through the parking lot and into a neighborhood. Officer Boatright pursues the vehicle through the neighborhood and when another unit blocks his path, the driver and passenger bail out. Our officer pursues the driver. As the driver runs across a creek and reaches the other side, he is tazed by our Officer Boatright. The suspect is taken into custody and charged with felony traffic violations. Passenger is also taken into custody and charged with possession of meth.

NameSkyler Boatright
RankPolice Officer
AgencyWichita Police Department
Station/Area CommandPatrol East
FromArgonia, KS
Why Law EnforcementI wanted to be in law enforcement since I was a young child.
First ArrestI stopped a vehicle for not having an illuminated tag and the driver was suspended.
Best part of the jobThe people I work with.
Favorite Quote 

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