Deputy Bubley is dispatched to a physical disturbance call. When he arrives there is a scuffle going on between two male suspects. Deputy Bubley and Deputy Marshall quickly intervene and try to break up the struggle between the two males. Once they are able to disengage one male off the other one becomes aggressive and resistant towards both deputies and eventually is taken down to the ground. Once the suspect becomes cooperative and somewhat compliant he is then taken to a patrol car. The male suspect begins to complain of injury to his knee. Paramedics arrive on scene shorty after and being to check him out. The whole incident was started because the male suspect in custody was being physically abusive towards his mother and hit her after being questioned about two lap top computers in his room that did not belong to him. She suspects he was out car hopping. While the male suspect was being looked at by paramedics he fleas from them and deputies into a wooded area near by with cuffs on. The suspect is once again detained and taken to the back of patrol car. Mom claims that he was in a scuffle with a cousin who was trying to calm him down. The male suspect was sent to jail for domestic violence and obstruction along with drug paraphernalia. 

Deputy Bubley performs a traffic stop on a car leaving an are known for  drugs and prostitution. Deputy Bubley talks to the driver who is viably nervous but is very compliant. Both driver and passenger are asked to exit the vehicle and are searched. The driver initially claims that he does not know the passenger all to well and was just giving him a ride. During the search Dep. Bubley discovers heroin in the wallet of passenger. The passenger claims that we was robbed earlier while trying to buy a chain and his wallet was taken. He states that he recovered the wallet and had no idea how the heroin got placed in his wallet. The passenger admits that he has a drug addiction and is/has been trying to come clean for himself, family and his kids. Driver leaves with a ticket and passenger is arrested for drug possession. 

NameChase Bubley
RankDeputy Sheriff
AgencyLee County Sheriff’s Office
Station/Area CommandNorth District
FromFort Myers, Florida
Why Law EnforcementI was in the Middle East on a combat deployment when I saw some pretty bad things happening state side. I decided to come back home and and take up watch domestically rather then internationally.
First ArrestMy first night after FTO (Field Training) I found a guy hiding in a ditch, he gave me a false name and was super sketchy. He ended up having a felony warrant and was taken to jail.
Best part of the jobloyalty and brotherhood with some of my shift partners
HobbiesBoxing, Jiu jitsu, Olympic and power lifting, Hockey, Baseball, Football
Favorite QuoteSic Vic Pacum Para Bellum. “If you want peace prepare for war” Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Amanda Grissinger is dispatched to a burglary in progress.  Upon arrival a male is found sitting in a truck

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