Senior Officer Ryan Mann is dispatched to a citizen who wants to repossess a car. After reviewing the contract written on cardboard, Officer Mann determines that it is a valid contract and the process of repossession can begin. However, the owner of the vehicle refuses to allow the repossession to take place. Officer Mann explains that after keeping the car for six months and not making one payment, the gentleman has the right to repossess the vehicle.

Senior Officer Ryan Mann is dispatched to a call of a truck that was weaving in and out of traffic and is now parked in a bowling alley parking lot. Officer Mann locates the truck, which takes off as he tries to approach the driver. Officer Mann initiates a pursuit and follows him for a few miles. The truck never tries to speed away but swerves up and down curbs and blows up a mailbox. He finally travels down a dead end street and stops. Officers remove the driver from the vehicle and take him into custody. It is discovered that the driver had been smoking marijuana and drinking and was going to use his free pass to bowl a few frames at a local bowling alley.

NameRyan Mann
RankSenior Police Officer
AgencyDes Moines Police Department
Station/Area Command 
FromDes Moines
Why Law EnforcementWatched too many cop shows growing up
First Arrest 
Best part of the jobI enjoy the constant change.  In 10 hours we can see more “crazy” than most people will in a whole career
HobbiesSurf.  Vacation.  Surf.  (It’s all vacation seeing how I picked a hobby that needs an ocean!)
Favorite Quote“Remember when this is all over I was the nice cop!” Molly Mason assists a neighboring agency with a fleeing warrant suspect. Officer Mason arrives to a perimeter and K-9 search. Suspect runs from a house after tussling with

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